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Manufacture: from the hand

  • Vancouver Metal Arts Association 950 W 41st Ave, Gertrude and Zack Gallery Vancouver, BC, V5Z 2N7 Canada (map)

In celebration of Craft Year 2015, a national festival of events hosted by the Canadian Crafts Federation, The Vancouver Metal Arts Association (VMAA) presents Manufacture: from the hand.
Manufacture may be an unexpected title for a show featuring work by skilled craftspeople. In fact, historically, the word symbolizes a fascinating and long relationship with the concept of “craft.” From the latin manus (hand) and facere (to make), the word’s literal meaning is “to make by hand.” The association between industry and manufacture is a relatively recent one, created in opposition to the concept of “craft” as it emerged in the industrial age. This history of craft extends far beyond the conception of its moniker, to a time when to “make by hand” meant “to manufacture.”
The Vancouver Metal Arts Association is a community of metalsmiths - jewellers, blacksmiths, sculptors, mixed media artists and others who have an interest in the metal arts. The VMAA was established as a non-profit society in 2012 with the purpose of offering a forum for metalsmiths to exchange ideas and technical information, organize exhibitions and increase public awareness of metal arts.
For this annual member’s show the VMAA is asking members to ruminate on what it means to make, what it means to manufacture, and what it means to be one maker in a line of many.

Mon - Thur 8:30 - 10:30; Friday 8:30 - Sabbath closing; Saturday - closed; Sunday 9:00am - 9:00pm.

June/juin 25 - July/juillet 24, 2015

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