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Saidye Bronfman Award - Paul McClure

Paul McClure, Mutations 5, 2012, brooch (sterling silver, garnets, lab-grown corundum, neodymium magnets), 7 x 5 x 2 cm. Collection of the artist. Photo: Digital by Design

Paul McClure

jewellery artist (Saidye Bronfman Award)

Paul McClure is an outstanding jewellery artist, designer, educator, mentor, curator, writer and community-arts activator, and is one of the driving forces in Canadian fine craft today….

His jewellery is a personal and corporate commentary about the body – as physical site and a topic. The intersection of art and science (biology, pathology and genetics) is of particular interest. … His pieces convey ideas about our relationship with our bodies, gender subversion, and social mores surrounding disease and death.

A sublime metalsmith… he is dedicated to concept research and experimentation in order to expand the boundaries of his own practice and contemporary jewellery in Canada.

– Melanie Egan (nominator), Head, Craft & Design, Harbourfront Centre