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Sensorial Objects

  • Craft Ontario 990 Queen St W Toronto, ON, M6J 1H1 Canada (map)

Artefacts carry the unique power of being repositories of sensory experience. Rather than just perceived visually, they engage a range of sensations, and invite intimate and affective interaction. As such, material objects broaden the aesthetic encounter, and open the door to investigations of sensuality, material, process, interactivity, and culture (Owen, 2011). Sensory experience is a potent counterpoint to rampant hyperconsumption that characterizes present-day material culture. Sensorial objects request an attentive involvement from an audience, and encourage a reflective encounter. They shake us from the habitual impulse of insatiable consumption, and offer an experience of the world that is felt with the whole of the body (Pallasmaa, 2005). By experiencing an object through its tactile, olfactory, auditory, and/or visual properties, the work of the maker stands apart from that which is hastily produced, consumed and abandoned. Positioned as such, these objects draw attention to a renewed role for making, and hold clues to future pathways for human relationships with material culture. Sensorial Objects is an exhibition of work by Faculty from the OCAD University Fibre Studios: Ana Galindo, Chung Im Kim, Dorie Millerson, Eva Ennist, Kathleen Morris, Laurie Wassink, Lynne Helle, Meghan Price, Monica Bodirsky, Rachel MacHenry and Stephanie Phillips.

March/mars 12 - May/mai 9, 2015