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Anna Leonowens Gallery Exhibitions & Openings

  • 1891 Granville Road Bedford, NS, B3J 3J6 Canada (map)

Anna Leonowens Gallery Exhibitions & Openings

Anna Leonowens opens at 5:30PM on Mon 9 Nov with receptions for undergraduates Muxing Zhou, Nathalie Maiello, Stephanie Rybczyn and Cinthia Arias Auz. Everyone is welcome!

November 10 – 14, 2015                                    
Opening Reception Monday 9 November, 5:30pm – 7pm

Gallery 1
The moment of eternity
Muxing Zhou, undergraduate exhibitor

About her jewellery exhibition, the artist states: “My concept comes from all the fleeting moments in our lives. This exhibition showcases a series of neckpieces and earrings in precious metals, with brilliant gemstones and colourful enamel, inspired by my own life experiences and memorable moments. I want to encourage viewers to cherish every beautiful moment.”

Gallery 2A
Spaces in Between
Nathalie Maiello, undergraduate exhibitor

Maiello investigates notions of scale and space, with particular focus on the tension between wearable and non-wearable objects. Jewellery is presented in the context of installation in order to question the relationship between bodily and spatial ornamentation.

Gallery 2B
Stephanie Rybczyn, undergraduate exhibitor

Rybczyn’s exhibition of hand-woven textiles, Cheated, is a physical representation of her experience with death and grieving. The weaving process was used by the artist as a coping mechanism and a means of embodying different feelings associated with mourning. The resulting textiles are displayed with the intent of evoking those feelings, inviting the viewer into a space where, in Rybczyn’s words, “the intangible can be seen and felt.”

Gallery 3
La devolución simbólica de lo robado
The symbolic return of the stolen
Cinthia Arias Auz, undergraduate exhibitor

Arias Auz intends to contribute to the dialogue on the conventions of painting. Her exhibition showcases sculptural works comprised solely of paint and canvas. An additional literary component becomes a reference for the viewer as they interpret each piece. 

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