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Naked Craft

  • Naked Craft Network Toronto, ON Canada (map)

The Naked Craft Network is interested in broadly developing a better understanding of the relationships between the identities that are inherently attributed to geopolitical regions of practice, and the reciprocal role that the material production of craft plays in building, maintaining and disseminating these identities in a global arena of commerce and culture in the future. 

NCN brings together relevant stakeholders involved with local craft traditions into discussions to engage and exchange how the understanding of these practices, rooted in local communities and traditions evolves and is challenged, promoted and communicated on the post-colonial global stage. 

Rather than doing this in a conventional academic framework, NCN embraces a methodology that enables analysis through engagement of these forms of practice, through practice, with practitioners. 

The NCN embraces the case-study approach; our initial Naked Craft project examines two independent communities with a common heritage; Scotland and Nova Scotia, Canada (New Scotland). Within both Canada and Scotland, craft practice can be seen as being informed by the similarities arising from geophysical, political, social and historical elements. For both countries, craft plays an essential role in the cultural and creative industries, providing communities with important financial frameworks as well as being a catalyst for strengthening the connections between creativity, place, landscape and identity. In light of the common heritage and affiliation that Canadians and Scots already share, how will the work of contemporary Scottish makers challenge or reinforce the current conception of Scotland abroad? In what way will Canadian makers move beyond tradition and production of stereotyped histories derived from a post-colonial reminiscence? NCN intends to establish a space for reflecting upon and re-evaluating the traditional roles of craft practice in the future.

June/juin 1, 2015 - May/mai 30, 2016