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What Are You Doing for Craft Year 2015?  

Craft Year 2015 is here! It is a nation-wide, year long festival of activities and events all identified under the Craft Year logo and is aimed at promoting craft as a key player in Canadian culture. 

There is so much potential for what we are looking for with Craft Year 2015. Events can include exhibitions, fairs, book launches, open houses, conferences, workshops, competitions, publications, community events and more.

Every event registered for Craft Year 2015 will be promoted by our website, by the Canadian Crafts Federation, Provincial/Territorial Craft Councils and participant promotional activity.

Help us set the stage for craft in Canada on a local, provincial, national and international level by re-branding your 2015 events and activities with Craft Year 2015, or take the initiative and create that special event or activity that you have been imagining.

The events will be displayed in which ever language they are submitted in. If you would like your event to be posted in both English and French please submit it both languages.  

Submit Your Craft Year 2015 Event 

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Contact Name
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To include an image and/or a logo please send a JPG file to craftyear@canadiancraftsfederation.ca